Bar Flora

Viborg's local cocktail bar

Bar Flora’s history dates back to the late summer of 2021, when the newly built Peak 12 Hotel opened its doors for the first time in Viborg. The hotel also opened an exclusive cocktail bar, and a name was chosen that reflects the green and vibrant surroundings and bar decor, as well as the sustainable and organic ingredients used in the beautifully crafted cocktails. Hence the name Bar Flora.

Bar Flora is much more than a hotel bar. Bar Flora is Viborg’s new local cocktail bar, the place to relax with your colleagues after a long day, the place to meet before a concert, and the place where innovative cocktails and fantastic surroundings add a new dimension to your evening out.

The aim is clear: Bar Flora wants to create spectacular cocktails that will appeal to all the senses. We do this by using molecular methods and international themes never before seen on Viborg’s bar scene.

Welcome to Bar Flora.


The taste of quality

At Bar Flora, we combine home-made ingredients, good craftsmanship and quality spirits from purveyors including Stauning, Mosgaard and Thy Whisky to lend a Scandinavian touch to all our cocktails.

We set the bar high – not only when it comes to the quality of spirits, but also with a strong focus on organic ingredients. The majority of our cocktails are made with organic products or those featuring the EU organic label. If you see the green mark on the menu, it means that your cocktail is both organic and produced according to the guidelines in the EU Organic Regulation.


Bar Flora offers exciting cocktail tasting courses based around a particular spirit. Together with our bar manager we’ll put together an exciting day that includes a tasting of different types of flavours and a brief history of the spirit in question.

Want to know more about the different options available? Contact our Bar Manager and we’ll discuss how we can tailor a fantastic cocktail tasting or a fun course with you.

Glad person ved pejs


Enjoy a tranquil moment by the fireplace

The cocktail bar extends into the hotel lounge with its choice of cosy nooks where you can sink into the soft seats, enjoy the warmth of the fireplace and take in the beautiful surroundings of the hotel.

During summer, you can take your cocktail out on to our fantastic rooftop, where you can also enjoy panoramic views of the entire city of Viborg.

At Bar Flora, we make cocktails to an international standard. We use Scandinavian quality products and organic ingredients to create the perfect balance and flavour combination.


Molecular methods

You’ll soon find that a cocktail from Bar Flora is more than just a cocktail – it’s a spectacular experience that appeals to all your senses. It’s the combination of the balanced flavours you only get from quality Danish-produced spirits, the fresh scent of organic citrus fruits, the festive sound of jazz from the old vinyl record player, the beautiful sight of colourful and carefully prepared garnishes and the angular feel of the handmade ceramic cocktail glass that makes this a truly sensory experience.

When it all comes together in the same moment, you will suddenly discover why VAERFT is not just an ordinary hotel bar – but a completely unique meeting place where different people come together for a spectacular cocktail experience.

Come along

Go behind the scenes when Bar Flora 
make exclusive cocktails. 


Monday – Thursday: 17 – 00
Friday – Saturday: 15 – 01
Sunday: Closed