Coffee at Bühlmanns

The Bühlmann family's coffee space

A good cup of coffee is pure joy – and that’s what we want to give our guests when they come to Coffee at Bühlmanns. You will find the coffee space in the lounge area, where you can choose between four different coffee beans. They all have three things in common: they are rich in quality, flavourful and sustainable.

Among other things, you can look forward to savouring a variety of coffee beans from the popular Peter Larsen Coffee, our coffee supplier for all hotels in the Bühlmann Family.

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we have a coffee farmer in the family

Try Bühlmanns Guatemala

We have a coffee farmer in the Bühlmann family. Maria Jóse Fernandez de Bühlmanns and her father Pedro Lopez run the coffee farm La Serrania, located in the highlands of Guatemala. They harvest aromatic Arabica coffee beans, which are sent across the Atlantic and subsequently roasted in Aalborg with help from Bentax.

We call this coffee Bühlmanns Guatemala – and it is one of the four types of coffee you can experience at Coffee at Bühlmanns. Below you can see a full overview of the coffee beans we use in our hotels.


A smooth, balanced coffee with hints of dark chocolate and light caramel notes. 

The coffee is a blend of four different varieties of Arabica beans from the Chiapas region of Mexico.


A coffee with a fresh taste and delicate sweetness, with notes of fruit and spices.

The Arabica beans are grown at La Serrania – a farm run by Maria Jóse Fernandez de Bühlmann and her father Pedro in the highlands of Guatemala.


A taste experience with a soft, slightly sour and full-bodied aroma.

The coffee is a blend of Arabica beans from the highlands of Central America.


ORGANIC KACHALU A highly aromatic, sweet and slightly fruity coffee with a well-rounded taste of red apples and caramel, as wellas notes of chocolate with almonds.

The coffee is a blend of Arabica beans from Santander in Colombia.


We utilise the full potential of our coffee

We love coffee in the Bühlmann family, so we want to help reveal its full potential. When you brew a cup of coffee today, you utilise less than 1% of the coffee’s nutritional value. We believe this could be vastly improved, which is why we have chosen to join the Circular Coffee Community.

In collaboration with CCC, we work to bring farmers, companies and consumers together in a community with a focus on revealing the full potential of the coffee plant and eliminating all unnecessary waste. We believe that small sustainable steps can make a huge difference in the long run.

Below you can read more about our sustainability policy.


5.7 tonnes of coffee

That’s how much coffee our guests drink in a year.


Once you have poured your favourite coffee, you can settle into our modern and newly renovated surroundings at Peak 12 Hotel.
Head up to the rooftop and enjoy the panoramic view, sit by the bio fireplace or sink into a soft armchair in the lounge.

Pejs på skærm i kaffebaren
Nærbillede af en kop kaffe
Pynt på bordet i kaffebaren
Line brygger en kop kaffe

Perfect coffee in 5 minutes

Small pot = 3 cups
Large pot = 8 cups

1. Grab a cafetiere and choose your favourite coffee

2. Hang the cafetiere under the grinder and grind the coffee.

3. Move the cafetiere to the hot water tap and add water up to the metal edge.

4. Let the coffee brew for at least 4 min.

5. Slowly push the plunger down.

6. Pour the coffee and enjoy!